Born and raised in Austria, Miriam Joanna established herself as a freelance visual artist in 2016 and has been working in the extreme sports scene ever since. Living in Hawaii for some time, her career as a freelance photographer originated in the surf industry. Miriam eventually transitioned into capturing mountain sports and nowadays mostly wind-related water sports. 
As a visual artist, I believe one has the power to inspire others and make a change through visual language. I enjoy capturing what inspires me but even more so highlighting stories that inspire others by seeking deeper meaning in our day-to-day lives. To see the change, be the change - one of the very everlasting themes throughout the years has been the focus on female athletes and their representation in our society. 
Feeling the urge to express herself beyond the power of stills, she recently dove straight into the world of filming with her first short film Sensation, which was nominated and shown at several Surf Film Festivals in Europe. Since then, she has directed, filmed and produced another short film, LENNI. Her published work can be seen in numerous kiteboarding and paragliding magazines, Blue Tomato Summer Book 2022 and WMN Surfmag.

Storytelling / Creative Direction / Drone Photography / Cinematography

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