- Bill Evans
Not having any limits, leaving the beaten track. Improvisation, structural chaos, complete freedom. The Jazz has a story to tell. It invites you to swing to its unexpected vibrations. It touches strings in your body that only resonate on water. It happens again and again, but it only exists in the here and now. And it sparks your desire to play again. The wind and the moving mountains set the rhythm. All you have to do is let yourself be led by the instruments and fly through the salty air. You will enter the vastness where thoughts gain their greatest strength or are brought to silence, and where the coastal boundaries no longer work.
Film & Stills: Miriam Joanna
LENNI is a portrait short film about the 20-year old professional Surfer Lenni Jensen on the island of Tenerife (Spain). Narrated by his childhood friend Marcella Machado, Lenni gives insight on who he is, the waves he surfs and most of all the style in which he surfs them. 
 Director & Editor: Miriam Joanna
Water Cinematography: Eduardo Vento 
Additional Drone Footage: Maurizio Amicucci 
Sound Design: Lisa Aumaier 
Produced: Miriam Joanna, WMN-PR
 Client: Blue Tomato / Pure Surf Camps  
Music: Plant Your Fields - We Dream of Eden / Lonely Earth - Icarus / Dark Horse - Ryan Taupert / When The Sun Rises - Silvan Talmor / Stars Running Free - Angela Harrington, Garo Nahoulakian 

Sensation. This short film outlines the conflict of seeking clarity through thinking yet actually finding it whilst feeling. A portrait of the professional athlete Johanna-Catharina Edin and her two persona’s as a kitesurfer and as a fashion drawn artist and model. 

Director & Editor: Miriam Joanna 

Athlete: Catharina Edin 

Client: Flysurfer KiteboardingAppletree Surfboards

Music: White Knight - Ryan Taupert Futures - Roary Lux - Ryan Taupert 

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